Beautiful memories

KATHMANDU: Nepal has always been popular for its natural beauty — the gigantic mountains, calm and clear lakes and breathtaking landscapes. And in his first solo photo exhibition, Samir Jung Thapa has captured Nepal’s nature at its best.

Titled Memento, the exhibition, which opened at Imago Dei Café on October 26, mostly has magnificent landscapes from upper Mustang and Dolpo.

From the composure of towering structures like Annapurna mountain at sunrise to the serenity of a ripened barely field in upper Mustang, the photographs present nature in a rather undisturbed state. Dhukur Pokhari, Shey Phoksundo, Koshi Tappu Ringmo Valley are the few places whose spectacular sights can be seen in this exhibition.

Talking about his photographs, Thapa said it’s an attempt at finding a new Nepal.

He added, “These are the same old places which have been photographed hundreds of times,

but I have tried to capture them with a difference to give them a new look.”

The photograph of the Swayambhu that Thapa had taken on the night of Budhha Jayanti is one of his favourites.

He explained that in this photo he has placed the full moon at the back which has created a halo like effect while most of the times the photographers place the moon at the side.

The photo which he had taken at Nagarkot on Valentine’s Day of 2007 when it had snowed is another of his favourites. He added that he saw the formation of a heart in the view. The way he has captured the trail of stars in this picture is picturesque to say the least.

For Thapa photography started as a hobby but said that now he is stuck to it. Although he also takes portraits, these days he is more into landscape photography because he feels like “landscapes don’t give any false statements”.

The exhibition is on till October 30, and will be held at the Pulchowk Bakery Café from November 1-14.