Beautify your room

Here is a list of some popular indoor plants you could opt for.

Non-flowering plants

Phoenix: As this plant needs light, it is better if you keep it near a window. It does not require much water, so you can water it once a week.

Arika: It does not require direct sunlight so you can be kept in any corner of the room. You can water it once a week.

Nalina: It can be kept in any corner and watering it once a month is enough.

Jamia: This plant requires sunlight and less water. Watering it twice a month will do.

Some other non-flowering plants you can check out are Chamarox, Phicus Benjamin, Peppermia, Caladium, Nilgai, Selfera, Spathifellum.

Cactus is another good option, but place it where children cannot reach them. Sunlight is very important for cactus and it needs very less water.

Some of the flowering plants you can keep indoors are Anthurium, Bromolite, Corkma, Zavera, Carnation, Chamadora, Hamerocalis and Phadkeria. Water these plants once every 3-4 days.