Beautifying your classroom

There is a advantage to decorating the classrooms because it sets a better atmosphere. Teachers and students can work on it together to make their classrooms more interesting and enjoyable. Classroom decorations made by students can be displayed on any wall, on the door, hanging from the ceiling, or on the bulletin board. Here are some ways that might work for your classroom.


Visual aids are essential to lessons taught in class. So, if the lesson is about some ethnic groups you could stick up simple cut out portraits of these people with all their ethnic clothes and jewellery and important things that form a part of their culture. Or students could even draw and colour these pictures.

Students’ craft

During one of the lessons teachers could set it aside for students to create something related with the topic and create a separate space in the classroom to have it displayed. Students will see it in front of them and can have that imprinted in their minds. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be only drawings, you could make use of stuff like wood, grass, seeds, et cetera.

Children’s artwork

This one is especially for the arts teachers. Whether students are painting with watercolours, colouring with crayons, or doodling with puff paints, if the students work with paint pens or acrylics on canvas, or whatever. You can turn your classroom into an art gallery of your students artwork. They will be proud to look around the room every day and see the art they worked so hard to make hanging from the walls.

Based on festivals

With festivals of different communities, decorate the classroom to suit the spirit festival. This will not only create an enjoyable atmosphere but students will also get to know an learn about each others culture and tradition. Lets students form groups and help each

other out and when everyone is finished you can either let one of the students from the group or you can explain what each of these things mean and are used for.