Beauty of daily life

KATHMANDU: Artist Nem Bahadur Tamang, who has been living in Kathmandu, is from Dolkha and his collection, being showcased at The Art Shop, shows the daily lifestyle of people in his hometown.

From women washing clothes at a common tap to men working at a construction site to women sitting together chatting,Tamang has visualised a typical village set up in his canvas.

"Whenever I see the lifestyle of people there, I see this beauty in it and have tried to capture those memories in my paintings," said Tamang.

He has mostly used brush strokes with blurred outline and the backgrounds are not clear. He has basically used colours to create figures and objects while the background is just patches of colours. A variety of colours has been used by the artist making the canvas colourful and adding vibrancy to the everyday life of people from the rural part of Nepal.

The exhibition, which opened on December 26, will continue till January 26.