Bedi to solve cases on TV

MUMBAI: Former super cop of India Kiran Bedi is foraying into television. She is ready with Aap Ki Kachehri, a reality show where she will be looking for out-of-court settlements.

She says, “Aap Ki Kachehri is an open forum where two parties are willing to go public come on to resolve their differences. Here, the affected parties are going to discuss the issue by looking at probable solutions out of the court and in the process the audiences will be educated.”

Kiran who has been famous for her prison reforms believes that this show on Star Plus will help her to connect with the masses on a greater level.

What actually prompted her to do the show? “The basic idea is to reach out to people. Like my prison reforms which are all about connecting with people, which also enables them to be, confident and express their real selves. As my reforms were all about people participating in the process, I think media would be helpful for it. So, when this offer came my way, I thought it would be something new I would be doing. So I am on,” she adds.

Is there going to be any celerity in the show? “It’s not a celebrity show at all. Here, the focus is on social issues and ordinary citizens. Lots of people are approaching us. If celebs approach us, and okay with the format, they are always welcome,” she says.