Behind the mask


Genre: Suspense Thriller

Director: Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla

Cast: Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Urvashi Sharma

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Falling in love while being engaged to someone may be risky, but it definitely seems to be rocking!

Naqaab kicks off by introducing and bestowing bountiful scenes of Bollywood’s new babe Urvashi Sharma, the striking Sophie in the movie. While things run smoothly for the poor-but-admired saleswoman in her secure life in Dubai with her landlord turned fiancé, the multi-millionaire Karan (Bobby Deol), trouble is invited after she encounters the aspiring actor Vicky (Akshaye Khanna) in a hotel. With his various daring tactics, the latter manages to ignite her passion that Karan had failed to do. Thus, starts a love affair just when Karan and Sophie are almost declared husband and wife.

But Vicky is a phony, working for a contractor Rohit to lure the girl away from Karan, for his ‘reality movie’. Although Vicky does have his prick-of-the-conscience in the course of events, all of them are cleared when the smitten Sophie willingly comes back to his arms, and the two ‘friends’-turned-lovers continue having ‘the best day of their life’.

Meanwhile, Rohit’s hired men videotape all that transpires between the two, including their bedroom scene, even without Vicky (who by now has annulled the contract) knowing it, and which is sure to turn the reality movie into a big hit.

And indeed it does bag the director many prestigious awards towards the end. But who is after all this Rohit?

Despite all the oopmh, Naqaab, hardly packs any punch. The intricacy that the directors have tried to develop is not impressive, as are the uninteresting dialogues and the revelation that gives too conspicuous clues and applies strategies that are mostly passé by now.

The movie will confuse common cinemagoers and irking the experienced lots. Nevertheless, it has a song that may be pleasant to the ears, and perhaps one or two smaller ‘revelations’ that are better executed.