Being more than parents

Parents are those special people who are always concerned about the future of their children. Life would be meaningless if it was not for our parents to guide us in every step of our life and give us suggestions that make us valuable human beings.

Parents are concerned about our little things to the big decisions that we take in life and it is very important for all of us to realise whether we value their concern for us or not? Do their concern, help, suggestions have value in our life?

When the television was first introduced, lots of questions were raised over the effects this might have on children. Would it corrupt them or make them more able to deal with the real world around them? Would it change their behavioral patterns? Would it help or hinder their development? We should not blame television while ignoring our own responsibilities as parents, caretakers, and guardians.

Children are manipulated by advertising, and more often than not, this manipulation is negative. Who is responsible — the parents or the children themselves. For many children, TV has substituted parents, nannies, or guardians. As a result children receive less adult supervision. But if the parents can teach their children and make them understand the real value of TV and make them aware of not only the boon but the curses as well.

Childhood obesity is one more problem. Once children become obese, they are predisposed to obesity for the rest of their lives. It was not until the 1970s that the negative physical effects on children became undeniable. Children under the influence of television, junk food, marketing, and lack of parental guidance were powerless to resist the desire to get a free toy, or see a clown; parents were seduced by the ease and the price of fast food during long working weeks; companies eagerly filled demand; and advertisers were doing their job by bridging this gap.

Celebrities in the advertisements don’t eat these items regularly, and a healthy diet along with strenuous exercise is why they are in such good shape. This message never reach the child.

Although many influences affect a child’s personal and social development, it remains the prime responsibility of parents to provide proper guidance and should contribute to this parent-child relationship in a constructive manner.

Parents always do their best to guide their children on the right path. Childhood is the most important stage of life and children should be brought up with utmost care and caution so as to help their innate capacities blossom. It is the right parental guidance that decides the eminent educationists, scientists, artist, statesmen.