Big B back at work

MUMBAI: Bollywood’s most famous actor Amitabh Bachchan will be back on set this month

after a four-month break following abdominal surgery, the director of his latest project said on March 10.

Films costing nearly one billion rupees ($22.5 million) were put on hold after Bachchan fell ill in November with an intestinal complaint. But he will restart shooting in the lead role of Babul on March 20, director Ravi Chopra told AFP.

“I am eagerly waiting for Mr Bachchan to come to shoot for my film. My main concern is Mr Bachchan’s health,” the director said. “I was due to carry out a non-stop shoot for 50 days but now we’ll take some breaks to give more time to Bachchan.”

Bachchan won a raft of Indian film awards for his performance in Black, which focused on the relationship between an alcoholic teacher (Bachchan) and his deaf-and-blind student. His four successful films in 2005 grossed more than 22 million dollars showing that at 63 and with a career spanning nearly 40 years and more than 100 films, he remains the top star in the world’s most prolific film industry.