Angry that your check-in baggage wasn’t waiting for you at the airport? Ask Amitabh Bachchan — the Bollywood icon said an international airline lost his luggage 18 times, the latest goof-up happening this week.

On July 16, Bachchan blamed international airline British Airways for misplacing his baggage on a flight from London to Toronto. ‘All my bags that I personally checked in and identified at the base of the aircraft in London, all lost ! This is the 18th time British Airways has done this to me and family,’ Bachchan, who is in Toronto for a 40-day global concert tour starting Friday, wrote on his blog.

‘Do not be surprised Torontoans, if tomorrow morning you find me running somewhat temporarily clad, on the streets. LIVID!!’ Bachchan wrote on his blog in an entry dated July 16. There was no response from the British Airways office in India but a newspaper quoted a spokesperson as saying the bags were held back for security reasons and are being sent to Toronto. — Agencies