Bipasha ready for a makeover


There’s a huge change happening in Bipasha Basu’s career. No, it’s got nothing to do with her love life. Bipasha has decided to turn a new leaf. “And that’s strictly to do with my career,” she laughs throatily, as only she can. “I’m tired of the sex symbol tag. When I came around with ‘Jism’ it was the only film of its kind. And it was a very classy take on a woman’s sexuality. Though ‘Jism’ is a film I’ll always remain proud of, I’ve decided to stop doing films that focus on female sexuality.

“Every other girl who comes in is doing it in a most subverted way. And I don’t like being clubbed with women who take off their clothes just for the heck of it... No matter what I do I can never be cheap or vulgar.” Bipasha’s unstated — shall we say, diplomatic? — remark is directed at the Mallika Sherawats and Neha Dhupias who take the ‘show’ in show world a little too seriously. Now I want a new kind of audience for myself. I want the women, kids and family to come and see my film.”