Bips to visit John on sets to quash break-up rumours


To make it amply clear that their relationship is as strong as ever, Bollywood screen scorcher Bipasha Basu is flying to Pondicherry on June 27 to join her boyfriend John Abraham.

The actress says that at one level she is sick and tired of rubbishing frequent rumours of their break up but adds that the speculation has taken a really nasty turn this time.

“It’s so foolish and self-defeating to keep reacting to these periodic talks of links and breaks-ups. Today we’re being linked with particular people,” Bipasha said.

“Tomorrow it’ll be someone else. We can’t let these things affect us. And we don’t. But this time the rumours got really mean. I can take it and even answer back. But John isn’t comfortable being attacked. And for what?”

Bipasha will join John in Pondicherry, where he’s shooting for Nagesh Kukunoor’s film Aashaayen, on June 27.

“Neither of us is going to be unprofessional, leave our work and go running to one another just because people are spreading these strange rumours. Poor John, he’s shooting a very difficult author-backed role. If he suggests he’s taking off to meet me, Nagesh will probably have a fit. I too have my professional commitments. I can’t just tell Abbas and Mustan to give me a day off from the shooting of Race though they’re too sweet to say no. And that isn’t meant to stop wagging tongues. We don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Let them say what they want. I love John and no one else.” Bipasha says she was shooting outside Mumbai when she heard about the rumours of her break-up with John.

“It was so peaceful and nourishing to breathe in unpolluted air... I told my best friend Susie, I’d rather not come back. But there’s no point in pretending that the ugly talk isn’t there. John spoke on behalf of both of us yesterday. I’m hoping it would stop this crazy chaos of idle gossip. I’m really tired of all this. It doesn’t effect either of us, or our relationship. But I’m tired of being scrutinised all the time.”

Earlier, a close friend of John dismissed media reports about their supposed split by insisting that all was fine between John and Bipasha.