The Black Eyed Peas’ San Diego concert was shut down by police on the night of December 11 after the band broke the noise limit.

The group — who had been performing at an outdoor concert to mark the opening of a new Hard Rock Hotel in the city — were told by officers they would have to finish early after locals complained about the noise levels.

Fergie told the crowd of 1,200 they were being for-ced to finish the show, before dedicating the band’s famous hit Where Is The Love? to the law enforcers.

A representative for the hotel said, “Fergie said they would close the show with Where Is the Love? She said it was for our friends — the police — in the lobby.”

Before leaving, the Black Eyed Peas — made up of, Fergie, and Taboo — officially opened a suite at the hotel. Proceeds from the suite will be donated to the band’s charity, the Peapod Foundation. — Agencies