A joyous ride

Book: Maldivesko Prem Katha Ra Anya Yatraharu (a lovestory of Maldives and other travels)

Author: Shree Krishna Gautam, Publisher: Sajha Publications, Price: Rs 75, Pages: 82


Shree Krishna Gautam, a retired bureaucrat has authored his sixth book Maldivesko Prem Katha Ra Anya Yatraharu (a love story of Maldives and other travels). Writing travelogue, a least written genre in Nepal literature, has been recently picking up in Nepali language, as it’s the author’s third travelogue.

This small book gives readers a joyous ride to almost all the major cities in the world from Paris to Washington, Petersburg, New York, London and Colombo, among others. In Tehran, the author seems to have found a lost connection — in the development of our civilisation — between Iran and Nepal. His confessions about the Iranian beauties and experiences seem true to his heart. The book that has 20 travelogues is a worth read in one sitting.