Book review: More on money matters

Beed Bytes

Arthur: Artha Beed (Sujeev Shakya)

Publisher: FinePrint Inc

Pages: 172

Price: Rs 450


Beed Bytes is a collection of already published works of a corporate executive — Sujeev Shakya — under a pseudonym Artha Beed. Written by a professional, these 58 articles revolve, obviously, around the Artha Sansar — economic world but in a simplified manner.

Nepali media is politics-dominated like any other poor country’s. People like to read more about Girija Prasad Koirala and Prachanda, but they don’t like to know about economics; maybe it’s boring, may be the journalists are to be blamed — but one thing is clear that the most important aspect of a life — money matters are less read and written about in Nepali media.

But Beed has been successful in breaking, more or less, the tradition since he started writing the column in Nepali Times, a weekly English newspaper, since 2000.

He has written in his own simple and straight forward way of trade and labour issues, privatisation, shares, service charge in hotels, gold and almost all the facets of Nepali economy including the Non-Resident Nepalis (NRN) that he himself coined as Bipalis.

The most interesting thing about the book is the writer has put his comments and development at the end of his articles on what has happened on the issue since the time he had written the article way back.

Like the writer said it’s high time we should more indulge in economic activities, let’s talk economy and read and write more and more on economies issues as it is the backbone of a country.

Without economic independency, no country can survive.