Bose ready for fatherhood


Rahul Bose is a ‘chained’ person. Bonding with his 13-year-old co-star Zain Khan in Ken Ghosh’s children’s film Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii has made him conscious of the biological clock ticking way.

“I don’t know... I certainly don’t want to get married. But the father in me is certainly more predominant now than it used to be when I was younger. I invest a lot of my paternal feelings into my sister’s daughter,” said Rahul.

In fact, Rahul lives in south Mumbai with his sister and niece. The three went on a long European holiday recently.

“I would say my bonding with Zain during Chain Kulii... was pretty revealing. Zain is a sports person like me. We’d spend hours on the field perfecting the game, or just chatting up about life. We went to Delhi and other places promoting the film. Zain certainly took me back to my own childhood. I’ve seldom had so much fun with a co-star.” And to think Rahul was initially hesitant about doing Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.