Brangelina drop adoption plans

MUMBAI: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have abandoned plans to adopt an Indian baby because of the controversy surrounding Madonna’s recent adoption.

The couple, who have a baby daughter Shiloh and two adopted children, planned to give a home to an Indian orphan but have been put off by the criticism Madonna has received for adopting a 13-month-old Malawian boy.

A source told Britain’s New magazine: “No one wants to be dragged through the heartache that Madonna has. It’s a real shame. Angelina was so saddened. When people start questioning the legality of adoption, of whether you’ll be able to keep the child, it gets into a territory that’s just heartbreaking.”

Angelina and Brad are currently in Pune, India, filming A Mighty Heart.

The source revealed: “Angelina has a philosophy that peple enter your life for a reason, that you go to a place for a reason. This made India a perfect spot for them to explore introducing a new culture into their lives. She believes so strongly in adoption. They had originally hoped to be able to bring the child home before Christmas, and had even thought of a name, India, to honour the child’s homeland.”

Brad recently said he’dlike at least six children, while Angelina has made no secret of her desire to have a big adopted family. She recently said: “I believe I’m meant to find my children in the world and not necessarily have them genetically.”