Brangelina’s moving around affecting kids


Repeated changes of homes in different cities around the world could be bad for the kids of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. reports that the couple and their kids have lived in almost six cities in the past two years and this may be hurting their eldest son Maddox.

Puja Hall, a psychotherapist and social worker, believes this constant moving around is “not creating a stable environment outside the family unit”.

She added, “Maddox is an adopted child so he already has a sense of abandonment. Kids that constantly move are like army brats, in the sense that they very often don’t want to open

up to people. They feel loss, and there is a problem with attachment.”

Hall said, “With the moves, the kids just don’t invest in relationships because they’re going to lose them anyway. They think, ‘Why bother? I’m not going to stick around. We’re going to pick up and go and the loss of friends is painful’.” Hall believes that the Brangelina pair needs to decide where to settle down before the other kids get any older.