Break on through to the other side

Kathmandu: The band called 1974 AD began when six young men got together in 1994 to share their love of music. More than 10 years later they are Nepal’s most popular and best-loved band. 1974 AD is the only band in Nepal that has been able to warrant a concert in Nepal’s biggest stadium with 60,000 fans. Their fan base is not just limited to Nepal; it spreads as far as USA, Japan, UK, Hong Kong and Australia. The band now has multiple awardwinning albums to their name and has successfully toured USA, UK, Hong Kong and India in recent times. 1974 AD plays a fusion of traditional Nepali folk music and western rock using a combination of native and western instruments. With its unique blend of music, it has been able to attract fans from both the younger and older generations of Nepali people and people from other countries.

Band Members: Adrian Pradhan (Vocals / Drums / Blues harp), Manoj Kumar KC (Lead guitar / Keyboards), Nirakar Yakthumba (Bass guitar), Phiroj Shyangden (Vocals / Lead guitar), Sanjay Shrestha (Percussions) and Manose Singh (Bamboo flute) Albums: ‘Time out’ (1996), ‘Samjhi Baschhu’ (1999), ‘Satabdi’ (2001), ‘Jungi Nishan’ (2002, this sold 80,000 copies) and ‘Pinjada ko Suga’ (2004). Exposure: The band has performed multiple concerts in Mumbai, Hong Kong, UK, USA and Dubai apart from many in all the major cities of Nepal. Around 60,000 people attended the “1974 AD Rock Yatra” at Dasarath Stadium on Dec 14, 2002. The band will perform at the Shikhar Lights Music Concert to be staged at Bhrikuti Mandap on June 18.— HNS