Breathtaking Bhedetar


Bhedetar is one of the most popular destinations for people to Dharan to spend their weekends.

“I have probably visited Bhedetar at least a hundred times,” says Dr Kajan Ranabhat of the Dharan-based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. And the fascination the place has for him is the same.

Not only Dr Ranabhat, Bhedetar is the most sought-after destination for students, employees and other people seeking relaxation on weekends with some even enjoying overnight stays there.

What is there so special about Bhedetar?

The real natural beauty, glamour — say most.

Everyone who visits Bhedetar once, inadvertently wishes to visit the place again, says Jas Kumar Rai.

Bhedetar is 18 km north of Dharan, an hour-and-quarter drive away. It is located on the border between the hilly district of Dhankuta and the Tarai district of Sunsari. And as such, the ecology of two different regions — cool and hot — can be enjoyed here. Though Bhedetar is located at the lowest altitude from the sea level (1,430 metres), its air is cold. It is also noted for fresh water.

Prince Charles’ contribution to its present appearance is substantial. He had visited the highest point here — Sailunge Danda — during his tour in 1984 and since then Sailunge Danda is better known as Charles point. The place prospered only after Dharan-Dhankuta road was built the same year.

Dr Ranabhat, who hails from Chitwan, says that no other place gives him the same degree of enjoyment adding that whenever relatives visit, he can think of other place better than Bhedetar to take them on a tour.

“Where could I be other than Bhedetar?,” asks Ashish Shrestha, a student of plus two. He spent the last new year’s eve with his friend and girlfriends here.

For him, Bhedetar is the best place for dates too.

No special occasion is needed for Bhedetar to be crowded, says owner of Hotel Bhedetar View, Jitendra Rumdali. However, he says that Fridays and Saturdays are special days.

And it is not only the people from Dharan who frequent Bhedetar. People pour in from Jhapa to Biratnagar, Saptari and even India.

For Prerita Pradhan, who has been working with an INGO, Bhedetar is the best place to hang out. “The cold breeze takes me to a different world,” she says.

Medical representative Sudip Dahal says Bhedetar offers natural beauty, cold fog and relaxation all at the same time.