Bridge across hearts and minds


Pool Ra Parkhalharu

Author: Sneha Sayami

Publisher: Sirjana:

Chaitra 3

Pages: 69

Price: Rs 75

Pool Ra Parkhalharu (A bridge and walls), an anthology of poems by Sneha Sayami has 36 poems.

One will come through more metaphors in Sayami’s poems like Musaharu (Mice), Roadmap, and Juddha Sadak, which is a metaphorical representation of an autocracy that has survived a long history of Nepal.

He challenges the protagonists, hits the conventionalists and tries to bridge the hearts with minds. He even refuses to dream.

Like almost all poets, Sayami rips apart the traditional curtain and unveils the truth — a truth that is ugly and naked. As the poet himself claims, “Poem is but a naked expression of life.”

And unlike other collections, there is not a single love song in Pool Ra Parkhalharu, rather there is a Nepali boy, who works in an Indian city in Kasto Hota Hai, a vulture and a jackal, who claim to be our care-taker in Surakshya and an antagonist, who salutes comrades for their cunningness in Dalaal Salaam.

I salute you, Comrades for your smartness who have ganged up with dogs to fight against jackals the pragmatist comrades Dalaal Salaam Comrades!

Going through the collection, a reader is forced to think why the poet is so bitter — bitter at himself and at society — and so angry. Is he a nihilist? His anger is on himself or on society. Maybe we need to find out the cause soon otherwise this conterminous disease will grip the whole society. Or maybe to protect ourselves such nihilist should be thrown out of the society?