As the Covid-19 crisis has adversely affected every sector of society, the country's music industry has also been hit hard by the pandemic.

Record-holding DJ Chhewang Sherpa, sharing his plight in a statement, said that he was forced to confine at home due to the pandemic, resorting to using his musical instrument from home to entertain his audience through online performances.

"Stage shows have become history for us due to COVID -19 crisis," the country's highest-paid DJ said.

Sherpa is one of the most renowned DJs who set a world record for performing at the highest altitude, from Thorang-La pass at 5416 m in 2016.

Born in Solukhumbu's Kerung, Sherpa, who also performed from the Mera Peak in 2015, shared that the music industry has lost billions of rupees in the time of pandemic.

The Dj who has performed in more than 17 countries with a record audience further asked the government to bring a recovery package to address the woes of the music industry.

Likewise, DJ Tenzing who is also involved in the field since 1992 shared the same plight. "It's a kind of nightmare as COVID pandemic hit the industry very hard," he stated.

Musician Keshav Adhikari said that they were waiting for normal days so that they can return to stage.

"Concerned stakeholders should help revive the industry," Adhikari added.