Britain's Got Talent' almost certain to be put off until 2022

KATHMANDU: It is likely that the popular reality TV show Britain's Got Talent', responsible for bringing fame to many, will be postponed until 2022 amid the incumbent COVID-19 restrictions in the UK.

As opposed to the earlier announcement of scheduling the ITV show to later this year, Thames TV and Syco --Simon Cowell's company-- have decided to air the program in 2022, owing to the difficulties of the closures and restriction inflicted by the looming pandemic.

Although many individuals will have received the currently circulating COVID-19 vaccine shots by the summer, it is uncertain whether the production team can start working as strict regulations on mass gathering, travel is under implementation.

However, a source was quoted as saying in the Dailymail that nothing can be ruled out just yet, but it's not looking good. "It's almost certain to be binned."

The acknowledgement and popularity of the Television program that provides a platform to artists for showcasing their many talents have been on the decline with 37 per cent year-on-year drop in audience numbers as claimed by Campaign Live.