British film festival

KATHMANDU: A Practical Dictionary of Modern Nepali by Ratna Sagar was launched at the British Council on November 17 to mark the opening of the British Film Festival 2005 that is scheduled to start on November 21. Home Minister Dan Bahadur Shahi did the honours of launching the book while British ambassador to Nepal Keith Bloomfield remarked that the book would be a “genuine success”. And let us hope that the same may be true for the film festival that is slated to begin on November 21 at the Gopi Krishna Cinema hall, Chabahil. The film fest will continue till November 25. The films to be scre-ened are 28 Days Later Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason, The Magic Roundabout, Ae Fond Kiss, and Code 46. Tickets for the festival are available from the reception at the British Council.