Brown girl in the spin

Yasmin Taj


DJing is fast catching up as a viable career all around the world and in Nepal, too, with the party circuit expanding everyday. Payal Rajeshwori Thapa AKA DJ P*Yell, swam against the tide and stepped into the world of DJing at a time when there were hardly any women in this field. A certified DJ from DJ University (a popular musical workshop in Thamel), Payal started DJing a year ago and has proven her worth more than a number of times.

For Payal, DJing was the best option since she was always passionate about music. “I loved music all through but did not know how to play instruments. Since I loved going to parties, DJing turned out to be something that would keep me associated with music and make me simultaneously enjoy my work,” she says. Having already performed in a number of clubs and parties, Payal believes experience is a must in this field and one has to become smooth with the console. Payal can be vouched as the first professional female DJ in town since there have been many others who tried their hands at it but made no considerable impact and quit. “People do prefer female DJs since there are very few in the city now, but on the other hand it gets difficult for us to handle a wild crowd at times,” says Payal.

The genre of music that Payal most relates to is progressive house but she believes in playing according to the crowd’s tastes. Payal loves playing R & B, Hip Hop and commercial music to keep the crowd rocking all through the night. This charismatic DJ has also lent her voice in the filler of a song recently. Pursuing her bachelors’ right now, Payal has plans of adopting DJing as a proper career and also plans to produce music at some point of life. “DJing can now be regarded as a suitable profession and one can certainly make a living out of it if she proves herself to be a cut above the rest,” she claims.

According to her, the major influences in her life have been DJ Ankit and DJ Kranti of Club Galaxy. “Since I was a regular at Club Galaxy, just watching these DJs play taught me a lot about DJing and also gave me a great sense of music,” she says. Since every second person now claims to be perfect at DJing, Payal promises to be not just one of the crowd. To check out this diva at her best, do join the party at 1905 Boulevard this Friday night since this is going to be something you would not want to miss for anything else in the world.