BROWSE THROUGH: What the books are about

Spy on the Roof of the World

While organising a Himalayan expedition in 1955 to climb Tibet’s highest peak, Welsh mountaineer Wignall was recruited as a spy by India’s secret service. This exhilarating account of his espionage, arrest by Chinese communists, imprisonment in a rat-infested Tibetan jail and harrowing escape over a never-before-scaled Himalayan gorge is at once a thrilling real-life spy tale, a serendipitous adventure and an ethnographic travelogue. It is laced with intrigue, close escapes from death, breathtaking vistas and affectionate observations of the Tibetan people surviving under draconian Chinese rule.

My Quest for the Yeti...

Travelling to mountainous regious accessible only to someone prossessing his legendary mountaineering and survival skills, Reinhold Messner’s quest for the elusive yeti takes us to that most intriguing and inaccesible of realms — the shadow borderland where myth encounters raw geography.” — Caroline Alexander, author of The Endurance “Messner’s command of yeti tales is impressive...Viewed through his seen-it-all-eyes, the influence of Chinese occupation in Tibet is freshly devastating.” — The New York Times

Trekking and Climbing...

Detailed coverage of 25 treks and 12 climbing peaks in the Nepal Himalayas including full-colour maps and photographs. A comprehensive traveller’s and trekker’s guide to one of the most breathtakingly beautiful mountain regions in the world. Opening chapters provide an overview of the country and culture, plus essential information and logistics for visitors and trekkers. In-depth trekking and climbing chapters cover five regions: Western Nepal, Annapurna, Langtang, Everest, and Eastern Nepal. The treks range from classic teahouse routes to newly-charted expeditions.