Buddha’s beauty

KATHMANDU: The exhibition is all about ‘Buddha and Nature’ as the title suggests. You come across Buddha’s faces in colours like green, yellow, purple or an amalgam of hues, lotus, et al.

Nar Bahadur BK’s exhibition at the Lazimpat Park Gallery, which was inaugurated by Australian Ambassador Graeme Lade on August 27, focuses on Buddha as BK would like to send “the message of peace to people all over the world”.

“Nepal is known all over the world for many reasons, but I just wanted to focus on Buddha as this is Buddha’s country,” says BK, adding, “It is through the eyes and lips that I have tried to show the different expressions of the Buddha.”

The lotus has also received a significant focus in BK’s creations.

“The lotus has its own significance in different religions, and in Buddhism it has its own symbolic meaning. And I have tried to show that,” explains BK.

Another interesting feature is the lotus’ prominent lines which BK says symbolises the the different paths into which people deviate instead of focusing on one. “However if one follows the right path like Buddha, then they will be successful.”

The exhibition is on till September 10.