Business class

It was in 1927 that Webber International University was founded in Florida. Webber International University educates students in preparation for careers in the worldwide business environment. The University offers educational programmes at the associate, bachelor, and master levels exclusively in areas of business.

Graduate admissions

International students who are seeking admission as graduate students will need to submit official transcripts in the original language (if other than English) and an English translation. TOEFL or completion of English as a Second Language programme may be used to satisfy the English proficiency requirements.

Admissions requirements

For MBA programme

Honours: A minimum of 3.5 undergraduate GPA and minimum score of 530 GMAT

Regular: GMAT + Quality Points = 550 or higher; GPA * 200 + Quality Points = 650 or higher

Provisional: GMAT + (GPA * 200) + Quality Points = 1000-1099

(Quality Points are based on experience, resume, essay and references)

TOEFL of 500 (paper based), 173 (computer based) or 61 (internet based).

Tuition and fees

Undergraduate: Tuition: 1-9 hours $235 per credit hour; room and board: $1,000 per session

Graduate: Tuition: 1-9 hours $235 per hour

MBA: Tuition: $510 per credit hour

Room charges: $1,200

Financial Aid

Ninety five per cent of students, domestic and international, receive financial aid.

Webber offers many scholarship and grants from federal, state and institutional sources, as well as student and parent loans and work study programmes. — Agencies