Capital welcomes X’mas with music


The huge ground at Tundikhel has always been the leisure spot for the people of Kathmandu. And on December 6 the ground was full with people, some involved in their weekend cricket match, while children were busy demanding sweets from the vendors, couples were lost in their own world, and some were there just to enjoy the hustle bustle of the Saturday. But something was different this afternoon as the huge stage was set up and people were waiting for some surprise to unveil. Many were unaware of the event while many had waiting for the Gloria Deo Christmas concert to begin.

The concert was organised by Live Jam, an Indian non-profit, social organisation involved in promoting budding musicians, in association with various churches of the Valley. The concert was the part of a touring concert travelling to various countries including Nepal. Musicians from different parts of India and USA were in the Capital to perform for the Nepali crowd to spread the joy and happiness in the festive season.

The concert started with the choir group from different churches of the Valley singing the national anthem followed by the song Bhana Jai Hallelujah led by Samuel Karthak. Soon the cricketers, those warming their backs in the sun, gathered near the stage to listen to the joyful songs. Among the performers was the Yeshua band all the way from Mumbai, who were playing rock flavoured gospel numbers.

“These concerts bring love, hope and people together. This is our first concert in Nepal and we are very excited,” they said.

The crowd seemed to be following every word of the emcees — Mahima Bhattarai and Bonny Andrews, producer of the concert. Cheering the singers, responding to the emcees and singing the songs along, the crowd enjoyed the show to the fullest.

Benny Prasad yet another artist who performed said, “I almost committed suicide when I was 16 because my father (a scientist) thought I was useless and a curse to the family, and so did my teachers. But at that time Jesus entered my life and changed it for better. Now I travel around the world spreading his message of love. All should remember that they can make a difference and they are all blessings of God.”

Prasad has travelled more than 158 countries, performed during Military World Games, FIFA World Cup 2206 and 2004 Olympics and has also designed the bongo guitar and 54-stringed guitar.

Other artistes who performed during the concert were Ken Henson, Anil and Reena Kant.

Ruben Pradhan, who had come to enjoy the concert said, “This is a very nice event but I wish they had done it in Nepali because most of them don’t understand English.”

It was not just the people in the ground who were mesmerised by the

performance, but also passersby. They stopped and listened, while the vehicles slowed down with the drivers strainging to catch the soulful music of Christman. — HNS