Captured moments


The photo exhibition ‘a moment in time: 1954 – 2007’ of photos taken by late Dwarika Das Shrestha, his son Gyanendra Das and grandson Kashish Das began on August 18 at the Nepal Art Council, Babermahal with a good number of visitors turning up on its inaugural day.

British Ambassador Andrew Hall inaugurated

the exhibition, which is organised by Association of Saint Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN).

After looking at the photos, many might miss the good old days as the air of the past when most photos were taken is in sharp contrast with the quagmire confounding the nation today. Images from the days of conflict days have also been included.

Some photos taken in Ladakh are interesting. One of them, taken by late Shrestha in late 1960s, in which arrows point towards four different destinations — Srinagar (India), Tibet, China, and Russia — gives an eerie feeling of vulnerability. Photos of the British royal family visiting Nepal during the 1960s have also been put up.

“I really enjoyed looking at the photos. I first visited the country in 1969 and the photos have brought back memories of my former days here in Kathmandu, and how the city has changed over time,” shared Hall after looking at the photos.

The exhibition is on till August 23