Paintings in rich vibrant hues adorn the walls of the gallery. These paintings by Pradip Bajracharya are from his solo exhibition entitled ‘Heritage Panaroma’ which was inaugurated at the Park Gallery, Pulchowk on August 27.

Describing his artworks, Bajracharya said, “It took me almost five years to complete all these paintings. I feel our society is changing very much these days, but we should retain the beauty of our culture. So I have chosen to showcase jatras (festivals) and houses rich with Newari architecture, giving each an identity of its own, and also with the desire to create awareness about them.”

The landscapes, temples and houses are done in more darker shades. “Of all my paintings I like Rato Machhindranath the best, I am imressed by its colour and structure and have tried to capture it.” He adds, “I have tried to incorporate the enthusiasm one feels being a part of these festivals.”

The exhibition is on till September 12.