Casting a spell on audience

Thoda pyaar thoda magic

Director: Kunal Kohli

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji, Rishi Kapoor, Sharat Saxena, Amisha Patel, Shriya, Ayushi, Rachit and Akshat

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Here comes yet another happy-go-lucky movie from the Yash Raj banner. But unlike other recent movies under the banner, it does not just have style but has substance too. When it comes to dreams come true and life that’s larger than life itself, they never fail to deliver. And with the super hit jodi Rani and Saif together with Konul Kohali, everyone was hoping for the best and the movie does not disappoint. This time the role has been reversed with bubbly and optimistic Rani doing the magic on rigid and boring Saif. Character graph in the story has been handled very well by Kunal and it’s the children who are the real heroes.

The movie revolves around Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan), a workaholic and a self-made man deprived of love. In an accident his car hits another and the couple in that car dies. After a year long battle in court, judge (Sharat Saxena) orders Ranbeer to take custody of the deceased’s children and give them the love and upbringing that they deserve. So he is stuck with four children who hate him and want to create havoc in his life so that Ranbeer will get frustrated and hit them (if he does that he will be sent to jail for 20 years without bail). While they create tantrums and problems, Ranbeer himself is quite bored with his girl friend Malaika (Amisha Patel) who is an Indian version of Paris Hilton. Suddenly to make their life easier God (Rishi Kapoor) decides to send an angel to earth. The angel has to return to heaven once the work is done. Geeta (Rani Mukherji) God’s favourite, comes to earth as the children’s nanny. And with little love and little magic she is able to bring everyone closer and make their life happy. But will she be able to leave after all the love?

When it comes to acting, Saif is totally natural as the rich man with no love. The way he changes through the movie from being a rigid and emotionless man to opening up to the children and getting over the guilt is all very natural.

Rani will be remembered as the sweet and talkative angel who manages to win everyone’s heart, however she fails to look like an angel with her old and boring looks. Why did she have to wear the same outfit throughout? She is an angel for god’s sake and had choices from Gucci to Chanel.

Amisha Patel is good as the dumb and spoilt girl who believes everything is about her. The children have done a very good job and everyone will love the boy who plays Iqbal for his Mein nikla gaddi le kar scene.

Children will love the movie for all the magic and masti, and the older ones will love the chemistry between Rani and Saif.

As for the music Lazy lamhe and the title track is good and Nihal ho gayi will be hummed even after leaving the hall.