Caught playing truant

As I look back on the year 2064 BS, one big mistake stares back at me. I bunked the school first time in my life. I bunked school for two-three days regularly with my friends.

Playing truant, I used to go to Chovar, Basantapur, Taudaha with my friends. We used to bring money.

According to plan, we used to meet at a place, change from our school uniforms into our casual clothes that we used to bring in our bags instead of books.

I felt free. There was no studying or tension of home work during those days. It was fun.

Then one day I was caught red hand by the principal. I lied telling him that I had returned home asking the vice-principal’s permission.

But I had lied, and that was the truth. And because of the fear that built in me, I did not go to school for another two-three days.

My teachers called my mother to make enquiries about me. Then my mum got to know the whole ugly truth. The next day my mum took me to school where my teachers put forward many questions. I tried to conceal my mistakes telling one lie after another. But I was unsuccessful. However, my teachers made me realise my mistake instead of punishing me. I promised my mum and teachers not to repeat such activities.

It was a big lesson. I came to know that misdeeds cannot he hidden under cover of lies. My teachers and parents treated me well instead of punishing me. Students can make mistakes, but their parents and teachers should make the erring students realise their mistakes. It helps to build better lives.

— Pawan Chandra Baniya, Class IX, Magus English School, Kirtipur