Celebrating British movies

Himalayan News Service


The British Film Festival 2004 will kick off on June 28 with the screening of the movie ‘Touching the Void’. The festival will be take place from June 28 to July 2 at the Gopi Krishna Cinema Hall, Chabahil at 6.30 pm. The audience are in for a rare treat with the superb line up of modern British films featuring the critically acclaimed ‘Touching the Void’, ‘About a Boy’, ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, ‘Anita and Me’ and ‘The Warrior’.

The films come in a wide range of genres from comedy to thriller, hence catering to diverse interests. The festival is certain to appeal to the young Nepalis, who are interested to learn more about modern Britain and British cinema. The British Film festival have been known to be a success in the previous years. Make sure that you get your seat first. Tickets are available in advance from the reception at the British Council and also on the days of the film, from 6.10 pm at the Gopi Krishna cinema.