Celebrating Victory Day thru’ dance

KATHMANDU: The evening of December 16 was filled with excitement at Rastriya Sabha Griha, Exhibition Road as a cultural dance show was organised by The Embassy of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Kathmandu to mark its 45th Victory Day. Tamanna Rahman, a Manipuri dancer along with her troupe onstage stole the show with their movements and eyes expressions.

In ‘Avinaya and Nanichuri of Krishna’ Rahman and her troupe made the audience feel playful with mythical characters Krishna and Balaram. Her moves narrated the story of these two brothers playing ball in a field. Dressed like Krishna, with peacock feather as headgear, the choreography gave a soothing effect. With the body movements, the dancers made one feel wind passing through the field.

Another theme was ‘Radha Avisar’ where the dancers played Radha passing by the wilderness to meet her beloved. Rahman’s expressive eyes and hands searching for something depicted Radha wandering in the woods.

The entire performance was not the same as the variety of dance forms and themes kept changing. One was Manipuri dance reflecting the festival Holi, which was appealing. ‘Dhol and Kartal Cholom’ dance was yet another retreat for the eyes. Dancers moving their bodies with the music of percussion instruments was an attraction.

Along with these beautiful dancing steps Rahman’s troupe also paid homage to the river and life, New Year festival, harvest festival... with their moves.

“It was a good experience dancing onstage before the audience. It also feels good to showcase some classical items with my disciples in such a beautiful occasion. This is one of the happiest moments in my life,” shared Rahman.