Celina's playing with fire!

MUMBAI: Celina Jaitly is no newcomer to roles with grey shades.

Remember, she played a villain in Vikram Bhatt’s Red. And so, for her upcoming Accident on Hill Road- she plays a negative character the actress says she has taken utmost care to not look repetitive. Starting with her looks, we have been told that the sexy actress took almost 15 days to select the right one.

“In fact, she tried out 20 different looks,” said a source. On the sets too, Celina kept trying different things to make her shots as unique as possible. Working on her skills, the actress went in for a 10-day acting workshop to help her get into the depth of her character. A unit member said, “Celina was absolute fun on the sets. But once the word action was called out, she would become a totally different person, it seemed like the outside world just ceased to exist for her.”

Incidentally, the actress also refused a body double and insisted on doing a fire scene — where a car blows up and the entire garage catches fire — on her own. Thankfully, the shot was okayed in the first take itself. Cindy Lauper may have crooned Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but Celina’s definitely livin’ it up.