The mode of living of the primitive people and the mode of living today, are not same. The primitive people did not know how to live comfortably like modern people because they had no knowledge about science. If we carefully study the progress of human civilization, we shall find that the progress has been made due to science. In different spheres of our lives, science has made wonderful progress in areas like food, shelter, clothing, power, materials, transportation, communication and health.

Primitive people did not know how to grow crops, make food, make houses, clothes, use power without using animals, make different things like planes, buses, cars etc. In ancient times they ate raw meat, used leaves as clothes, used animals as a means of transport. But now science has changed it all and developed all these spheres.

Thus, we see what science has done for the comfort of modern men. But in spite of it all these, men are not always happy. There has been war among the nations, and science has hel-ped men to make weapons to destroy human lives and properties. So, science is not always a blessing. It is sometimes a curse as well.

But if we deeply think over the matter, we shall find that men themselves are to blame for making their lives unhappy. Science itself is neither good nor bad. So men must change their outlook of lives. If all men get accustomed to think that they are all brothers, there will be no war. They will live in peace and happiness. The condition of the backward nations of the world can also be improved with the help of science. Thus, science can add happiness to mankind.