Charging your soul

KATHMANDU: People are living a life of tension and worries. Living life under such pressure, people have forgotten to be happy and live a peaceful life. Hence, people wander here and there in search of bliss. And to help such people live in a state of harmony and peace, Bramha Kumari Rajyoga Sewa Kendra in Kathmandu is organising a three-day symposium in the Capital. With coordination of Senior Rajyogi Dr Banarashilal Sah, Executive Secretary of Medical Wings of Bramhakumari, an interaction with International Speaker BK Shivani and Cardiologist Dr Mohit Gupta took place on September 10 at Bhrikuti Mandap. They interacted on topics like ‘Easy Meditation for Busy People’ and ‘Peaceful Mind and Blissful Life’.

At a press meet organised on September 9 at its centre in Thamel, it was informed that these speakers will also speak on topics like ‘Harmonising Science and Spirituality’ and ‘Spiritual Metamorphosis: Call of Time’ at an event to be organised at Academy Hall, Kamaladi on September 11. Members of the royal family will also be listening to Shivani’s speech at Ramalaya premises, Maharajgunj on the same day. Similarly, Shivani will also be interacting at Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Tahachal on ‘Peaceful Mind and Blissful Life’ the same evening. Her speech is also scheduled to take place at Nepal Bharat Library, New Road on September 12. The same evening, doctors of the Capital will also be enlightened with Shivani and Dr Gupta’s motivational speeches on ‘Digital X-ray of Life’ and ‘Easy Meditation for Busy People’ respectively at Lainchaur Banquet.

Speaking about the importance of meditation in one’s life, Shivani expressed, “In meditation you create harmony among your thoughts to heal your mind. It helps one to communicate with the supreme. Meditation is a charging process of the soul.”