Charlize Theron's lifted eyelashes

LOS ANGLES: Charlize Theron says the best beauty tip she has ever been given is to use eyelash curlers and admits she now couldn't live without the cosmetic tool.

Charlize Theron couldn't live without her eyelash curlers.

The stunning actress was introduced to the cosmetic tool by a make-up artist and says she now couldn't live without them because they give such a transformation to her face.

She said: "The first make-up artist I worked with curled my eyelashes and now I'm addicted to curlers. I don't know how I lived without them. They are the most amazing thing since sliced bread! After using them, it looks like I've had two extra hours' sleep."

The Oscar-winning beauty also credits her good skin by undergoing regular exercise and indulging in the occasional facial.

She said: "I wish there was a magical product, but it really is about hydration. And after exercise, my skin is so much better. It gets your blood flow going and your heart beats up. My skin kind of radiates.

"I like to get a facial every once in a while, but it is not a ritual that I do once a month. If I am somewhere and there is a spa, I will take advantage of it."