Cheers greet Neiipal’s gig

KATHMANDU: Claps, cheers and whistles — the Sama Natakghar at Gurukul was filled with these on the evening of August 12. Ashray Foundation Nepal had organised Neiipal’s concert to celebrate the International Youth Day.

Singer and sarangi player Brata Gandharva performed a couple of traditional folk songs an opening act. The audience just could stop themselves from joining in when she sang Lekali ho and everyone started clapping to the tunes.

Then Raman Bhattarai performed Allarey nani, which created a hullabaloo as everyone started either whistling or dancing or clapping. They enjoyed the song so much that Bhattarai had to sing again as the audience kept shouting “once more”.

As the band Neiipal took over the stage, the audience got in full mood for a rocking concert. They first sang Bikas ko phool phulaun and then Jahaj bata, which lead singer Lakpa Sherpa said was about all those Nepalis who have gone abroad.

The band also performed a special song titled Sadak balbalika, which they dedicated to the street children. A special montage was shown in the background about street children during the performance.

However, the band got loudest cheer when they sang their award-winning song Maile bolne. The singer even made the audience sing along, which some of them did rather enthusiastically.

The concert also tried to generate awareness about effects of climate change as this year’s slogan for International Youth Day is ‘Youth and climate change: Time for action’.