Chef’s choice: Buttery chicken


Why not try something different with the same old chicken at home? If you have invited friends over for dinner or lunch and if you are planning a fancy dinner with your loved ones at home, why not spend some time in the kitchen to get a different taste. Executive Chef Krishna Kaji Basnet of Yak and Yeti hotel shares the recipe for Chicken a la Kiev. An easy to prepare dish, it will be the topic of discussion among your family and friends for sure.

“This dish is very popular among our guests at the Chimney restaurant and is our signature dish. Though it looks very fancy and exotic, it is very easy to prepare with the existing ingredients in your kitchen,” says Chef Basnet.

Chicken a la Kiev


•Chicken breast: 150 grams

•Sautéed mushroom: 30 grams

•Butter: 50 grams

•Salt and pepper: According to taste

•Egg: 1

•Flour: 1 tablespoon

•Bread crumbs: 100 grams

•Green vegetables: 150 grams

•Mashed potato: 200 grams

•Salad oil for frying


• Take cold butter, flatten it out with knife on plastic and fold into a cone shape.

•Fill it with sautéed mushroom and keep in refrigerator.

•Take the chicken breast and flatten it with a knife. Make thin slices and season with salt and black pepper.

•Now take cone shaped butter and wrapp it with the thin chicken slice and make a cone shape. Fix a small wing bone on head.

•Dust with seasoned flour, egg and roll on bread crumbs, and repeat again.

•Keep in freezer for an hour to set.

•Now heat the oil to deep fry the chicken pieces over slow heat for 15 minutes until the chicken is golden brown.

•Remove from heat. Take it in hand and move it, if you can see butter running inside, it means it is well cooked.

•Serve with sautéed green vegetables and mashed potato or rice.