Chef’s choice: Dash of ginger


When it comes to summer drinks, most people opt for aerated drinks easily available in the market. However, with people getting more health conscious by the day and

cutting out on juices

and drinks available in market, homemade lemonade at time gets a bit boring. But spice up your summer this year with just a bit of ginger.

Add a twist to this usual homemade drink. Sanubabu Bajgai, bartender at New Orleans, Pulchowk shares the recipe for their very popular drink ‘Ginger Cooler’.

Different flavour

“This drink is just perfect for the hot summer as it is refreshing, healthy and tastes different from all other drinks. It is also good for your throat and all the ingredients are easily available in the market,” says Bajgai.

Ginger cooler


•Water: 1 litre

•Lemon juice: 120 ml

•Sweet lime squash: 120 ml

•Ice cubes: 10-15 pieces

•Ginger: One large size

•Sugar: 3-5 teaspoons


•Cut the ginger into 5-7 cherry size pieces and then blend.

•Then add all the ingredients in the mixture and blend for one minute.

•Now pour it into a pitcher.

•Serve in a tall glass garnished with a lemon wedge and straw.