chef’s choice : X’mas cake


The Christmas season is here and you have a lot of reason to rejoice during this festive time. Pastry Chef at Hyatt Regency Anil Gubaju shares his recipe for the traditional Christmas cake to make your festival season sweet and memorable. Forget the store-bought cake this year and let your family and friends enjoy something home-made and prepared with lots of love.

Chef Gubaju said, “This is an easy preparation which anyone can make at home and all the ingredients are easily available in the market.”

Christmas cake


Raisins: 100 grams

Sultanas: 100 grams

Walnuts: 100 grams

Cashewnuts: 100 grams

Almonds: 100 grams

Prunes: 100 grams

Dry cherries: 100 grams

Mix peels: 100 grams

Black currents: 50 grams

Cardamom powder: 5 grams

Cloves powder: 1 gram

Nutmeg powder: 4 grams

Cinnamon powder: 2 grams

Orange juice: 10 ml

Orange peel: 1 gram

Rum: 20 ml

Sponge crumb: 20 grams

Lemon juice: 5 ml

Butter: 250 grams

Icing sugar: 250 grams

Eggs: 5

Flour: 300 grams


• Mix all dry fruits and spices together

• Soak in rum, lemon juice and orange juice. Add orange peel to it

• Keep aside the mixture for one night

• Beat butter and sugar separately till fluffy

• Add eggs one by one to this mixture

• Add flour in the soaked mixture and mix it

• Now mix the mixture with butter, egg and sugar mixture

• Put the mixture in baking tray and bake in 350°F for 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes.