Chhath Puja

Women observe the Chhath puja a few days after Diwali for the well-being of their whole family. They seek the blessings of the sun, the giver of life force, to protect their families from diseases.

The celebration lasts three days where purity and cleanliness is strictly maintained. On the first day of the festival, food made from ghee and rock salt is eaten. On the second day, gur ki kheer, a dessert made with jaggery, is eaten with chapattis prepared on firewood from a mango tree after fasting.

On the last day, however, a fast is to be maintained for the entire day. In the evening and the next morning, a dip in a river is followed by offering of prayers and water or milk to the setting and rising sun.

O Resplendent Sun, the performer of the cosmic sacrifice, May you, being invoked, come on a chariot driven by two, four, six or 10 horses May you come to accept precious offerings of a peaceful, secular and democratic Nepal But do not scorch us, please!