Children’s day out


On the bright sunny afternoon of December 15 the front lawn of Soaltee Crowne Plaza was filled with gleeful children running from one place to another. The annual children party ‘Pepsodent Billy the Kid’ started on the scheduled time as children of all ages swarmed in with their parents. There are lots of events around town for youngsters to enjoy like concerts and dance parties, but for children there are fewer options and such events do attract children and parents to have a fun filled time. The Lawn was full of exciting game stalls; like Sachin’s favourite, Break the pyramid, Feed the teddy, Hit the target, Coin hunt, Get lucky with seven, Bingo and many more. There was also a stall for those who never seem to get enough of video games. The excitement could be seen clearly on their faces as they checked out the stalls. Many were interested to pick up the hen and guess its weight at the Guess the weight stall, which was attracting a lot of guests. The live band playing classic children songs and some Christmas songs entertained everyone with their musical performances. Three people dressed, as Spider Man, Hulk and Santa Claus were successful in grasping children’s attention, excited children kept surrounding them and clicked pictures with their super heroes and Father Christmas.

There were also other enjoyable activities like Bouncy Castle, Ferris Wheel among others. The magic show left the children in awe.The face-painting stall was full of children having their faces painted with their favourite cartoon characters. The food stall with tasty bites to relish and the flowing drinks made sure all present had relaxing break once in a while. Children were waiting for their turn to ride the pony. A dance competition was also held where children participated enthusiastically. A free dental check up stall was also set up by Pepsodent. The event ended in the evening with children leaving the venue wishing the day to be a bit longer.