Chilean wines introduced


The wine-lovers of the Capital had a wonderful time on September 1 at the Shankar Hotel, which saw a ‘wine tasting’ session with the formal launch of a new Chilean wine brand ‘Ventisquero’ in the Nepali market.

“Ventisquero wine is made mostly for friends and families to enjoy among themselves,” said the company’s export manager, Anca Soicules, who also gave a presentation on Chile and the wine scenario there.

Green Line Centre Private Limited, which is the authorised distributor of Ventisquero wine in Nepal, had organised the event.

Ventisquero, meaning ‘Iceberg’ in Chile, was founded in 1998, and started its distribution from 2001. It is available in more than 55 countries and currently ranks 9th among 200 wine producing companies in Chile, according to Soiculescu.

The launched wines are of three classes — the premium quality Reserve, the lesser quality Classico and plain ones. The Reserve-range crystalline Sauvignon Blanc, with a pale-yellow colour with tinges of green, has a fresh aroma and a light, sweet, crisp and clear taste. The ruby-red toned Syrah Classico has a slightly cruder taste and can go well with red meat.

Explained Soiculescu, “Red wine generally goes well meat while white wines go well with seafood.”