Chocolatey trip

We had become totally bored with our study and class schedule, so we decided to ask our

class teacher if we could go on an excursion.

“Where do you want to go?” he asked.

I promptly answered, “Balaju chocolate factory,” as I had heard a lot about this factory.

Our teacher thought it was good idea and all preparations for the visit were made.

We went to the factory in our school bus. The trip was a barrel of laughs as we were imagining funny things about the factory.

As soon as we reached, we entered the confectionery. We saw how the solution for making the chocolate was heated. Then permitted flavours were added. Next the liquid went through the freezing process. My body was froze in that cold temperature. It was amazing to see the many steps the solution had to go through to make the chocolate that we consume.

After that, a worker gave us a paper on which was written, “Thank you for visiting” and the person distributed chocolates among us.