Chris Schreiner Project, USA

When you see the band perform for the first time, it’s difficult to believe that it was formed only three days before they landed in Kathmandu. The comfort they share, the balance in performance, the flawless chemistry and their music make you believe they have been together for at least a year. The three-man band Chris Schreiner Project comprises Chris Schreiner (guitar/vocals), Will McEvoy (bass) and Jens Kuross (drums). When Chris came to know about the festival he contacted the organisers and for months they had been waiting to visit Nepal and check out the Blues scene here. To participate, he invited his college buddy from the reputed Berklee College of Music Jens. Will, whom Chris had known for a year, too roped in too.

“It’s been an amazing experience so far. The first time we performed, the corwd was very enthusiastic and receptive, and we have been loving the music the other musicians are playing,” says Chris.

Both him and Jens have been into music from a very young age, while Will started music when he was 18. Influenced by musicians like Jeff Black, Buckethead and Jimi Hendrix, Chris says, “We would love to visit Nepal again but right now we wish to stay longer.”