Church's daughter suffers from blackouts

LONDON: Welsh singer Charlotte Church constantly fears for her daughter's life she suffers from a rare disorder causing her to black-out.

Little Ruby, two, was diagnosed with Breath Holding Spells (BHS) by doctors, which makes the tot hold her breath and lose consciousness for up to a minute at a time.

The Crazy Chick hitmaker, who is dating Welsh rugby ace Gavin Henson, was shocked when doctors first informed her of her daughter's problem - but she has since learned to help Ruby recover from an episode.

She says, "She will hold her breath until she passes out. The first time it happened it was absolutely horrendous. We've been taught to bring her round by spraying her face with water. Each time it's happened she's been fine afterwards but it causes Gavin and me a lot of worry."

Church and Henson also have a son, Dexter, who was born in January (09).