Colour them together

KATHMANDU: Subash KC can communicate only in signs. Sunita Dangi walks with a limp. Arjun Chetri is the only person who is physically fit. But they are all orphans studying in differents school. Subash is student of Deal School, Naxal, Sunita of Apanga Nawajeevan Kendra, and Arjun of CPCN, Dillibazar.

And on March 18, these three children among others were communicating with each other and the world through a universal language — colours. They were together painting a door-pane on a common theme ‘Peace and understanding’.

“The sketch was done by Subash,” says Sunita. Subash flashes a huge smile, as he cannot speak. “It is fun to paint a same painting together,” adds Arjun.

“This is the way we want children to interact so that they can understand each other first,” explains Jonathan Edou, project coordinator of Khula Dhoka (open door). The project aims to promote peace and understanding through paintings. More than 80 students participated in the workshop conducted at the NAFA hall.

Their works will be put up in an exhibition around mid April.