Colourful collective effort


The first Saturday of every Nepali month may not have a special significance for all but for Nepali theatre workers it is a day of particular importance. On this day the Samuhik Rangakarma Samyojan Samiti together with the Royal Nepal Academy have been staging plays by various theatre groups for the last three months.

Starting from the month of Paush, they have till date staged 10 plays by various theatre groups not only from Kathmandu but from across the country. Theatre groups all the way from Dhankuta and Humla have participated in this programme.

Believing that all forms of art enrich each other, the organisers have also been providing a space for installation art too. An installation art titled, ‘Is this life?’ by Indira Shrestha and Sajita Laxmi Shrestha was showcased right at the front of the dabali that almost went unnoticed as some of the invitees on the stage themselves were seen stepping on it while making their entry.

Mohan Himanshu Thapa was the chief guest at the programme which was attended by prominent senior theatre personalities like Prachanda Malla, Sharubhakta Shrestha, Madan Das Shrestha, Harihar Sharma.

“The consciousness that has come in theatre workers of this generation in preserving this art form is really encouraging and it will definitely bring a positive revolution,” said Sharubhakta Shrestha, head, department of Drama and Music, RNA.

Ghintag was about the predicament of a visually impaired folk singer trying to earn his living begging using his inherent talent for singing in a city where people turn a deaf ear to such a type of music.

If you were to define love, how would you define it? Perhaps, there is not one single definition and people define love in their own ways from their experiences in life. The same fact is portrayed in Canvas ma nautriyeko maya, where the artist frustrated by his inability to portray his definition of love on the canvas, gives up the whole idea of presenting it.

Chui is about the troubles women of Karnali region had to go through during their menstruation period. The play called for putting an end to such a practice.

Thapa said, “This was how plays were staged during the Malla period at various places in Patan, Bhadgaun and Kathmandu.” He expressed his happiness at the imagination and innovation of contemporary theatre workers while at the same time cautioned them not to make the wrong use of innovative ideas in the name of experimentation.

Staged today

Play: Ghintang (30mins)

Writer/Director: Rajan Upreti

Actors: Debu Bara, Harendra Khatri, Nikhil Prakash, Rajan Upreti

Presented by Renew Art Theatre, Kathmandu

Play: Canvas ma nautriyeko maya (30 mins)

Writer: Kishor Anurag

Director: Jibansathi Basnet

Actors: Shashi Bikram Thapa, Rita Thapa, Ashok Sibakoti, Hemanta Lamichhane, Jibansathi Basnet

Presented by Nawarang Sanskritik Manch, Kathmandu

Play: Chhui (30 mins)

Writer/Director: KB Simple

Actors: Shira Rokaya, Belmati Rokaya, Palangmo Lama, Deepak Shahi, Bhakta Chhatyal, Ayush Kumar Shahi, Chakra Bahadur Shahi

Presented by Saipal Sanskritik Kala Kendra, Humla